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NEW DELHI: The ministry of home affairs on Tuesday said that about 2,137 Indian Tablighi Jamaat workers have been identified in different states and they are being medically examined and quarantined.
“As of March 21, there were about 1,746 persons staying in Hazrat, Nizamuddin Markaz. Of these, 216 were foreigners and 1530 were Indians. Additionally, about 824 foreigners had been, as on March 21, doing Tablighi activities in various parts of the country,” the ministry of home affairs stated.
“Details of these 824 foreigners were shared on March 21 with police of states for getting them medically screened and quarantining them,” it added.
MHA stated that on March 28, states were advised to collect names of Indian Tablighi Jamaat workers to get them medically screened and quarantine them.
“So far, about 2,137 such persons have been identified in different states. They are being medically examined and quarantined. This process is still on and more such people would be identified and located,” it added.
A statement from the MHA stated that it shared details of foreign and Indian Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) workers in India with all states on March 21, after Covid-19 positive cases among these workers surfaced in Telangana.
“The swift action was taken with a view to identify, isolate and quarantine TJ workers who might be Covid-19 positive. Instructions were also issued by MHA to chief secretaries and DGPs of all states as well as CP, Delhi. The advisories were reiterated by the DIB to all State DGsP on March 28 and 29,” MHA stated.
Meanwhile, Tablighi Jamaat workers staying in the Markaz in Nizamuddin, Delhi, were also persuaded for medical screening by state authorities and police. By March 29, nearly 162 Tablighi Jamaat workers were medically screened and shifted to quarantine facilities. So far, 1,339 Tablighi Jamaat workers have been shifted to Narela, Sultanpuri and Bakkarwala quarantine facilities as well as to LNJP, RGSS, GTB, DDU hospitals and AllMS, Jhajjar. Rest of them are being currently medically screened for Covid-19 infections, the ministry stated.
The statement added, “Usually, all the foreign nationals visiting India as a part of Tablighi team come on the strength of tourist visa. MHA had already issued guidelines that they should not indulge in missionary work on tourist visa. State Police would be examining categories of visas of all these foreign Tablighi Jamaat workers and take further action in case of violation of visa conditions.”
Tablighi Jamaat headquarters (Markaz) is located in Nizamuddin, Delhi.
On March 21 , approximately 824 foreign Tablighi Jamaat workers were in different parts of the country for missionary work. Besides, around 216 foreign national were staying in the Markaz.
In addition, over 1500 Indian Tablighi Jamaat workers were also staying in the Markaz while around 2,100 Indian Tablighi Jamaat workers were touring different parts of the country for missionary work.
Since March 23, lockdown has been strictly imposed by authorities/police across Delhi including in and around Nizamuddin and Tabligh work came to a halt.
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