5 ways to light up your festive celebrations during COVID-19 times

5 ways to light up your festive celebrations during COVID-19 times
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5 ways to light up your festive celebrations during COVID-19 times

Every year, this month invigorates cities with a festive spirit all around. This quarter is a favourite for many. And why not? It brings excitement, enthusiasm, lights up the mood with social gatherings, festive food, and gives a break for celebrations. However, this year, the coronavirus pandemic seems to have subdued the entire energy. To ensure public safety, there are restrictions on social gatherings and events like Garba night, Diwali exhibitions, and other related events. The big festivals like Durga Pooja, Dushehra, Diwali, followed by Christmas are around the corner and people have started figuring out the ways to plan safe celebrations. 

It is essential to lay extra emphasis on following social distancing and hygiene protocols. Here’re five ways that help light up your celebrations amidst the pandemic:

Go digital 

Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. People staying away from their family and loved ones are not able to travel due to COVID-19 led restrictions. Getting gifts from markets and visiting your family and friends could not be a safe option this year. 

This festive season, try and adjust to the new normal. Find innovative ways to send greetings and gifts to your loved ones. One can plan for digital surprises like LIVE music night on a video call, personal radio show, celebrity wishes, etc. to make the celebration more memorable for your guests. 

Plan an indoor romantic dinner

Travelling to your hometown for Diwali celebrations involves huge risks. People planning to celebrate Diwali with their partner can still feel enthusiastic about the festival. Find out ideas to bring celebrations at home while making it special. Avoid outside food and cook favourite meals for your loved ones. 

To make it even more special, you can get theme-based DIY romantic kits. Create a dreamy setup for a candlelight dinner from the comfort of your home. This will help you create safe celebrations and lifetime memories with your partner. 

Consider DIY decorations

Planning a festive celebration with restrictions and fear of going out to shop for the required stuff is challenging. To ensure personal safety, people avoid going to markets and find it difficult to buy decoration material. Also, travelling to find the required stuff from one shop to the other is time-consuming. However, this should not impact the mood of your celebrations. 

Instead of wasting hours on finding the right stuff or toggling multiple online shopping windows, go for DIY decoration kits. They are custom made and easily available with home delivery options. These kits make your party planning free from hassle and make your space look visually ready for the party. 

Limit the pax

Larger the gathering, the higher the risk of infection spread. The Government and Healthcare officials have issued standard operating processes to plan exhibitions and events with restrictions. Events like Durga puja pandals, Ramlila pandals, Diwali Mela, etc. have to follow precautions with a cap on the number of people. Thus, it is better to plan your indoor celebration with a limited number of guests. 

To ensure the health safety of your closed ones, plan a gathering with limited pax. If you’re overloaded with party arrangements, get professional decorators at home to deck up your space and make it festive ready. There are party planners in the market that provide decoration services with all safety precautions. The materials are sanitized in front of customers, and vendors wear masks that add safety to your celebrations. 

Avoid assumptions related to sickness

People from across the country have suffered from coronavirus infection. Though they got recovered, doesn’t mean they cannot fall sick again. Additionally, people assume that their close family and friends cannot catch the virus and it is safe to meet them. Such careless assumptions are critical that affect your safety. 

While planning a social gathering for a festive celebration, it is significant to be responsible and take mandatory precautions. If any of your guests have low immunity or recently recovered from COVID-19, suggest them to stay at home. Making your assumptions about the behavior of a virus can go wrong and ruin the post-celebration memories. 

The number of coronavirus cases is rising, it is also recommended to refrain from outside food. This might create stomach infections and affect immunity levels. Having home-cooked food is the most suitable option during such a pandemic situation and adds a traditional feel of the festival to your celebrations. 

On behalf of Mr. Mudit Jaju, Founder of CherishX.

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