Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map Returns Alongside The Mirage Voyage

Respawn has snuck Kings Canyon back into Apex Legends for a limited time. And that’s not all either, Apex Legends’ original map seems to be the new home for The Mirage Voyage, which has parked in the empty crater where Skull Town used to be. If you want to see for yourself, you’ll have to act fast–Kings Canyon will only remain in the rotation until January 21.

Kings Canyon was removed from Apex Legends’ map rotation at the start of Season 7: Ascension, replaced by the battle royale’s third map, Olympus. Season 7 saw the removal of The Mirage Voyage from World’s Edge as well, the first town takeover to seemingly be removed from the game. Now we know better–it wasn’t removed, it was just moved.

Be sure to aim carefully--unlike when it was on World's Edge, there's nothing beneath The Mirage Voyage while it's parked at Kings Canyon.
Be sure to aim carefully–unlike when it was on World’s Edge, there’s nothing beneath The Mirage Voyage while it’s parked at Kings Canyon.

If you go into the cabin of The Mirage Voyage, you can find a new audio recording from Mirage’s mom. It’s…a very sad message to listen to–it’s clear her mind is beginning to go. However, if you listen to the whole message, there are a few cool lore tidbits. The biggest of which is that Mirage’s uncle is Droz, a Titan Pilot you meet in Titanfall 2. Initially a part of the 6-4 (the game’s best Faction), Droz goes on to partner up with Davis to found The Last Resort–both Pilots work with you in Titanfall 2’s Frontier Defense mode.

That’s not the only change to Kings Canyon either. Flying in the sky above the canyon is a ship with an electronic billboard advertising that Salvo is joining the Syndicate. Salvo is a planet, first mentioned in a memo that’s hidden within a pile of other Easter eggs scattered about Wattson’s desk in a piece of official artwork created by JEL (@jelart) and featuring contributions from Cherry (@cherrizini), Beau (@BadgerBitten), Brooke (@rookiebe_), Vinegar and Soda (@VinegarAndSoda), Yuki (@yukiiow_), and Kiria (@EneKiria).

The planet was again mentioned in Season 7’s Quest, Family Portrait, when terrorist Creighton Sawtelle asks Cherisse Che, Lifeline’s mom, to tell the Syndicate that “They can have Salvo. I want Psamathe.” Not much is known about Salvo, but the memo on Wattson’s desk mentions “Salvo brings with it [ineligible] of armaments” and based on the planet’s name, we can probably assume that maybe the Syndicate wants Salvo because they possess plenty of weapons or are incredibly knowledgeable in how to use them.

The last time the Syndicate–the company responsible for running the Apex Games–got involved with a planet or company, it was to add the Hammond Robotics-sponsored legend Forge to the games. We all know how that turned out (Forge is super dead), but maybe the Syndicate will do something similar here and Season 8’s new character will come from Salvo. If so, perhaps this new character will fit the supposed theme of the planet and be an explosive or weapons expert.

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