Best Nintendo Switch Accessories To Buy In 2020

The Nintendo Switch console might be the most versatile gaming device ever made. You can have house parties where you hook up the Switch to a big-screen TV and play a multiplayer game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Super Mario Party. You can undock it and grind in a single-player game like Fire Emblem: Three Houses while you watch a TV show. You can even take the party outside and play the console in tabletop mode using the wireless Joy-Con controllers. All of these are incredibly fun and valid ways to play the Switch, and with the right Switch accessories, you can make the experience even better.

Its versatility is a huge plus, but the console does have its downsides, such as low battery life, an uncomfortable grip, and a large screen that’s vulnerable to cracks. That’s where Switch accessories come in to make playing the system safer and more comfortable. We’ve rounded up some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories to add to your collection in 2020. Whether you’ve got a launch-edition console, recently picked up the newer model with improved battery life, or plan to buy the smaller, handheld-only Switch Lite and play Switch games on the go, these Switch accessories will definitely make your life easier.

If you’re looking to buy a Switch for the first time, be sure to reference our Switch availability guide. The Switch has been sold out for months, but occasionally a retailer will have it in stock, and the Switch Lite is still fairly easy to find.

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