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Mobility India is an NGO registered in Bangalore and functioning for the last 25 years. The NGO works in the field of disability and provides rehabilitation across all physical disabilities. The area of operation of the NGO is Bangalore, slums surrounding Bangalore, Chamarajanagar
district and Dimoria Block in Kamrup district, Assam. Thousands have benefited from the NGO in terms of mobility by the NGO providing wheelchairs, prosthetics, and orthotics. The NGO depends on the support of individuals and corporations for their activities.

One such case was of Abdul Rehman. Mobility India informed that Abdul Rehman, a young boy of 6 years had fallen from the balcony of his residence and severely damaged his spinal cord which affected his leg movement. Due to this, Abdul now struggles to stand by himself, has no control over his bowel movement and depends on his mother for all activities. However, Abdul is passionate about studies and has got enrolled in a school and dreams of becoming a police officer. Abdul lives in a slum, Hari Nagar in Bangalore and a part of a 12 member family with father also a victim of an accident affecting his right hand and who ekes out a living working in a small factory. Mother was working in a garment unit but quit as she has to take full-time care of Abdul.

The boy accompanied by his mother comes to Mobility India twice a week for therapy to strengthen his back muscles. Seeing the plight of the boy and his mother, the NGO put up a plea in the social media to inquire whether anyone was willing to sponsor a wheelchair for the boy so that his mobility becomes a little easy and he can go to school. Without a moment’s hesitation Shri B Ram Mohan Rao, Retired General Manager, National
Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Bangalore immediately agreed to sponsor a wheelchair.

It is not that a wheelchair can be purchased and handed over. The wheelchair requires suitable modifications to support the spine, adjustment in height, back, levers, safety measures, etc. On 6.9.2019, Mobility India had kept the wheelchair ready and Shri Ram Mohan Rao handed over the wheelchair to the boy and his mother to the delight and happiness of all. The boy has now started going to school once again. Shri Ram Mohan Rao has further assured to donate Rs.1000/- every month to Mobility India for supporting the education of the boy. Though Ram Mohan had warned not to publicize his deed, I thought, better to get it across to people so that we come to know such jewels exist among us who try to make lives better for others.

K L Vinay
Retired General Manager

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