Brave Rolls Out ‘Privacy-Focused’ Brave Search to Rival Google Search, Microsoft Bing

Brave browser has gained popularity over the years for offering a privacy-focused browsing experience. The company has now rolled out the public beta of search engine dubbed Brave Search that would hope to take on the ultimate market leader, Google Search. The search engine brings similar Google-like experiences, and users can sort or view results such as Images, News, and Videos. Users can also drop feedback via a dedicated button that sits right under the search bar. The company shared the latest development in a blog post where it notes that “online users have a new independent option for search, which gives them unmatched privacy.” Since its announcement in March, when it acquired search engine company Tailcat, over 100,000 users signed up for preview access and testing. Brave browser recently passed 32 million monthly active users up from 25 million last March, the company adds.

Brave further notes that its search engine is different from competitors as it “uses its own index.” As expected, the search engine promises privacy, that is, no tracking or profiling of users and transparency in terms of sorting results. The company notes that users will soon have a choice to choose ad-free paid search and ad-supported search. The blog notes that Brave Search is introducing the “industry’s first search independence metric,” displaying the ratio of results coming exclusively from Brave’s index. “It is derived privately using the user’s browser as we do not build user profiles. Users can check this aggregate metric to verify the independence of their results and see how results are powered by our own index, or if third-parties are being used for long-tail results while we are still in the process of building our index,” it notes.

A quick look showed that Brave Search contains a Google-like Knowledge Graph on the right side of the result’s page that contains a summary from Wikipedia along with other important links. The Brave Search will also compete against other privacy-focused engines like DuckDuckGo.

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