Cat Is Disappointed When Food Magazine Isn’t As Tasty As It Looks

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She had to give it a lick 😂

Madeleine Meredith-Holton and her partner found Leela under a car about six months ago, and they immediately knew they had to adopt her. 

“She was brought inside and within a few hours she was cuddling up to us and felt right at home,” Meredith-Holton told The Dodo. 

cat licks magazine
cat licks magazine
Madeleine Meredith-Holton

Leela is 8 months old now, and she still has a lot to learn about how the world works. She’s a very mischievous kitten and loves getting into things she’s not supposed to, like stealing snacks from the food bin or running away with the kitchen sponges. 

cat licks magazinecat licks magazine
Madeleine Meredith-Holton

Leela has a favorite stool she likes to sit on, and when she noticed a cooking magazine had stolen her spot, she immediately jumped up to investigate. The magazine had a bright, delicious-looking photo of food on it, and Leela decided it looked so good that she just had to have a taste. 

For a few minutes, Leela thoroughly licked the cover of the magazine …

… and afterwards, she seemed a little confused as to why it hadn’t tasted as delicious as it looked. 

“She’s very notorious for doing silly things,” Meredith-Holton said. 

Little Leela is learning new things every day, and now she knows that pictures of food definitely don’t taste as good as the real thing. 

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