Center says: Over 34 lakh tourists, including 12,934 foreigners, visited Kashmir in last six months

New Delhi: Answering an unstarred question laid in Lok Sabha the Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday (November 19) informed that around  34,10,219 tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir in the last six months including 12,934 foreigners. An income of 25.12 crores has been generated by the ministry through tourism.

The above data is recorded from May 15 to November 15, 2019, and it is proof laid by the government that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is completely stable and peaceful.

As per information, nearly 190 cases of stone-pelting were recorded from August 5 to November 15 and around 765 people were arrested in Jammu and Kashmir. The total cases recorded from January to August 4 were numbered at 361.
The Home Ministry in its report said that the government has taken several initiatives to stop stone pelting incidents which include identifying suspects involved in creating violence like situations in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Home Ministry has also found that several members and volunteers of the separatist organization Hurriyat were involved in instigating stone-pelting incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. NIA has also arrested 18 people suspected to be involved in funding the terrorist organization.
Until August 5, 950 cases of ceasefire violation has been recorded in Jammu and Kashmir. The government said that the ceasefire violations were quickly retaliated by the Indian army.

The government assured that there we will be no compromise made when it comes to national security and India is ready to face any kind of challenges which come in its way.

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