Curious Bear Gently Awakens Man Napping By Pool

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“I couldn’t believe it!”

The other day, Dawn Bete’s husband was at home, napping by the pool, when a curious bear decided to drop by.

But the bear did more than just have a look around.

Dawn Bete

While Bete’s husband dozed, the bear wandered in and took a few sips of the pool’s cool water. It was only then that she seemed to notice the human reclining in a chair nearby.

She gingerly approached.

And, almost as if to prank him, the bear then gave Bete’s husband’s foot a gentle nudge — startling him awake.

Shortly after, Bete got a text about what happened.

“I just thought [my husband] was joking until he asked me to check out Ring [camera] footage,” Bete told The Dodo. “There it was!”

Here’s that moment on video:

“I couldn’t believe it!” Bete said. “Crazy!”

Though the notion of being randomly awoken by a bear might seem like a scary one, Bete’s husband took it all in stride. As is nearly always the case, the bear meant no harm — and she appeared more frightened by the encounter than he did.

Still, it’s one Bete and her husband (and likely the bear) won’t soon forget.

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