Delhi`s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia conducts surprise inspection, dismisses Labour office manager

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has terminated the manager of the North-West Delhi Labour Office with immediate effect. Sisodia, who is also the Labour Minister conducted a surprise inspection, took this step after receiving complaints of irregularities in the registration of Delhi’s construction workers.

On receiving complaints, the Deputy Chief Minister took the step to discontinue the services of the manager after grave irregularities were found in a dozen cases. 

During the inspection, Sisodia also directed the labour officers to carry out all the work related to registration and welfare of the labourers as per the rules and within the stipulated time period.

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Earlier in the morning, the Deputy Chief Minister conducted a surprise inspection at the Labour office and investigated the complaints. The complaints ranged from not following proper procedure to negligence on behalf of labour office workers who used photographs of women instead of men in the registration documents

In another case, irregularity in the registration of a worker who physically visited the office but used a previously photographed image instead of a live photograph from the visit itself.

Sisodia directed the labour officers to finish all the work related to registration, renewal and providing welfare benefits to construction workers on time. 

“When the Delhi government has made comprehensive plans for the welfare of the city’s construction workers, then all the deserving workers should be able to avail their benefits. No negligence will be tolerated in this matter,” Manish Sisodia added.

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