Dog love: Man installs bronze statue of his pet on anniversary, check viral pictures

Amaravati: The bond between a dog and man is one of the most celebrated ones and goes thousands of years back in history. There are numerous illustrations in the human literature praising their bond between dogs and often termed as the best friend of mankind. Many Hollywood and Bollywood creators have come up with superhit movies based on the relationship between a dog and a man. In a recent development, a dog owner in Andhra Pradesh has installed a bronze statue in memory of his dog on his fifth death anniversary.

Sunkara Jnana Prakasa Rao, a resident of Krishna, Andhra Pradesh accompanied this dog for more than nine years. The dog died in 2016, five years ago. In order to keep his memory alive, Rao decided to install a bronze statue in memory of his dog.

The unveiling happened on Thursday (July 22) as Rao performed all rituals at the death ceremony. Pictures of the ceremony have gone viral on social media:

Notably, he and his family had groomed their dog for more than nine years with affection. The pet dog had died five years ago. Since then, Prakasa Rao has been observing the pet’s death anniversary every year.

This afternoon, special prayers were offered at the statue and the ceremony was performed with much fervor. Lunch was also organized for the villagers.

Speaking to ANI, Rao said, “We considered this animal as our own child. We brought up this animal for many years. It had been cooperative and loyal throughout its life. We are observing the fifth death anniversary today as it is our responsibility.”

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