Family Throws Cat The Most Over-The-Top Sweet 16

Mallory Powell was 15 years old when she found Emma as a tiny feral kitten and immediately adopted her. The pair quickly became best friends, and now, years later, Powell is 31 — and Emma just turned 16. 

“She’s literally been with me through adulthood, marriage, career and three cross-country moves,” Powell told The Dodo. 

Credit: Mallory Powell

Since Emma has been with her mom through so much, Powell really wanted to do something special for her 16th birthday, so she decided to throw her a sweet 16 birthday party and hired a professional photographer to capture it. 

To prepare for the party, Powell dressed Emma up in an adorable outfit complete with a tutu and tiara, and presented her with her very own salmon-flavored cake. 

Credit: Kari Ann Morris

At first, Emma was a little skeptical since there was so much going on … 

Credit: Kari Ann Morris

… but as soon as she tasted her cake, she was completely onboard with the party. 

Credit: Kari Ann Morris

“Once she saw the salmon pâté on the cake she didn’t care about the photographer, equipment, tiara and tutu,” Powell said. 

Once the cake had been eaten, though, Emma decided she had no reason to stay and called it a day. It’s her party and she’ll leave to go take a nap if she wants to. 

Credit: Kari Ann Morris

“She was invested in the party for about 10 minutes so it was a very quick photo shoot,” Powell said. “Food definitely motivates her!”

The photographer still managed to capture some pretty cute photos of Emma enjoying her cake and cuddling with her mom, and Powell definitely knows she’ll cherish those photos for the rest of her life. 

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