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Dispose Plastic Responsibly. Did you know? The amount of plastic discarded each year would be equal to circling the Earth 4 times! Certainly a matter of concern and alarm. Plastic has deeply entrenched itself in our lives. From food containers, interiors of cars to laptops & smartphones – plastic literally rules our lives! On the other hand, we can't ignore the fact that 'this material' is a threat to the environment, if it isn't disposed off sensibly. Its time you do your bit to make the planet environmentally safe! The time is now! Every individual can make a huge difference. Here's a gesture from my team to raise awareness about the importance of recycling & disposing off plastic in ways that are beneficial to our enviornment. A little effort will go a long way! Watch FOOD FOR THOUGHT and join us in our pledge to dispose off single use plastic, responsibly! Share this video to get the message out and please do write in with your ideas and action taken by you to dispose single use in your daily lives. Together, let's make this planet a better place. ‘Cuz what goes around comes around. Click to Subscribe:
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