Fortnite: Best Back Bling So Far

While Fortnite players may be split on which cosmetic category is the most important to completing a character’s look, it seems Epic believes it’s back bling. A back bling cosmetic is always the most likely to come with a character in the Item Shop, even if they only get one other item with their outfit. Back bling is something the player character can always see thanks to the way Fortnite’s camera controls work, so it should look cool, after all. In this feature, we’ll take a peek at our favorite back bling in Fortnite, from a licensed villain’s ticking time bomb to Fortnite’s original pets and more. Here’s the best back bling in Fortnite.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Here's back bling that serves fashion and function.
Here’s back bling that serves fashion and function.

Harley Quinn first came to the game in February 2020, but her most recent style, Rebirth Harley, is much newer and is responsible for this reactive back bling that includes a real-time countdown to each new zone. If you’re waiting to load out, it even counts down until the match begins. It’s maybe not a comparison Epic made, but it’s reminiscent of Dead Space, where all of the player’s UI was on Isaac’s armor somehow. With this back bling, there’s no need to move your eyes to the storm countdown and you can stay focused on looting and shooting.


On her planet, it means
On her planet, it means “grenade shaped like a heart.”

The Holo-Back was cool when it came out and it keeps getting better. Any sticker you have in your emote locker can become a hologram-like back bling you strap onto your character. This was cool when it came out alongside the Boundless set of custom superheroes, but its versatility makes it a good pick for any skin you might want to pair it with. For players who like a less bulky back bling that still has plenty of flair, this is arguably the best one here.

Octane RL

What a save! What a save! What a save! Chat disabled for three seconds.What a save! What a save! What a save! Chat disabled for three seconds.
What a save! What a save! What a save! Chat disabled for three seconds.

When Epic bought Rocket League developer Psyonix, my first thought was, “when do we get the crossover content?” Since then, we’ve already had multiple crossover events, including this one free cosmetic for players who completed Rocket League challenges during Llama-Rama. The mini Octane Battle-Car comes in two colors, blue and orange, so you and your squad can load out like you’re all on the same team. And since this is Fortnite, you don’t have to worry about your teammates refusing to pass the ball.


Not all goldfish are gold.Not all goldfish are gold.
Not all goldfish are gold.

Inky is the newest back bling on this list and also one of the coolest. Since Epic released Toon Meowscles in 2021, fans have wanted more toon styles, and we didn’t need to wait long for Toona Fish, a cartoonish take on Fishstick. His back bling, Inky, is a pet goldfish who can be customized with dozens of different colorways. You can alter him to match Toona Fish’s style, set them apart with their own styles, or not even pair him with the big Toona. of course. He’s surely not the last of the cartoon-inspired cosmetics, but he’s one of the best so far.

Back Board

He was a skater boy, and so too can you be.He was a skater boy, and so too can you be.
He was a skater boy, and so too can you be.

You’ll notice a trend on this list is customization. The back bling you can really make your own are usually the best, and this simple-looking skateboard hides a lot of stylish decks in its customization menu. While many decks are limited-time unlocks, it doesn’t seem like the back bling itself will be out of commission any time soon. Epic seems to find new ways to offer it to players regularly. The most recent was last year’s The Spy Within mode during December which earned you the deck you see in this image if you were lucky enough to get fit in time.

Rocket Raccoon

Ain't nobody like him, except him.Ain't nobody like him, except him.
Ain’t nobody like him, except him.

Look, I’m not a Marvel fan, but I can admit this back bling is unique. Where else can you get a beloved character as a cosmetic to another beloved character? Okay, actually you can do that with “Baby Yoda” in Fortnite too, so it’s not totally unique, but still. The extra special thing about Rocket Raccoon being available as back bling is how he hovers off-center from the player. Out of your way when aiming down sights, but still prominently featured and impossible to miss, there’s just something very different about this Guardian when compared to virtually every other back bling in the game. Assign him to Groot for the perfect pairing.

Piggy Smallz

Piggy, Piggy, Piggy, can't you see? Sometimes your oinks just hypnotize me.Piggy, Piggy, Piggy, can't you see? Sometimes your oinks just hypnotize me.
Piggy, Piggy, Piggy, can’t you see? Sometimes your oinks just hypnotize me.

This dancing piglet is named after Ariana Grande’s real-life pet pig, whom the popstar adopted after going vegan. Grande’s in-game Rift Tour was a huge event in the summer of 2021, but players who grabbed her rare cosmetic set have kept the party going with this groovy pet. Donning cute sunglasses and colored like a paint palette, Piggy Smallz goes great with any colorful character in the game. However, he will likely prove to be one of the rarest too, as Epic doesn’t seem to resell its concert headliners’ skins too often. Next time he’s available, you may want to add this little piggy to your locker.

Ohm’s Perch

Hoo here likes owls?Hoo here likes owls?
Hoo here likes owls?

Jules’ pet owl Ohm is cool for two reasons. For one, they are classed as a “pet” in-game, which is a rare kind of back bling that you can, well, pet. But also, they’re not just any owl; they’re a mechanical owl. Jules’ craftiness as a mechanic seems to have allowed her to build her own lifelike owl, and just like the woman herself, Ohm’s backstory is quite mysterious. How does the owl play into the father-daughter relationship between Midas and Jules? Were they a gift? Did the pair make Ohm together? Like many Fortnite mysteries, we expect this reveal to be drawn out, so don’t hold your breath.


If you can't pick a team, you can always sport the default Loot Llama.If you can't pick a team, you can always sport the default Loot Llama.
If you can’t pick a team, you can always sport the default Loot Llama.

If you’re an NFL fan who plays Fortnite, you probably already have Logo-A-Go-Go, but if not, you should get it next time it comes around. It allows you to wear the logo of any of the 32 NFL teams whenever you want. Set it as a favorite team to match your NFL player skin, or keep changing it as often as your fairweather fandom demands–no judgment. Since the NFL uniforms don’t include players’ names–only customizable numbers–the sticker-style back bling is a fun, customizable alternative to last names on their jerseys.

Jones’ Field Pack

After 88 jumps, Jones' plan seemed to work. For now...After 88 jumps, Jones' plan seemed to work. For now...
After 88 jumps, Jones’ plan seemed to work. For now…

The most lore-heavy back bling on this list, Jones’ Field Pack is full of fun references for old-school players to spot, and it comes with several variants, each one representing Jonesy’s increasing desperation to repair the Zero Point before the island could be destroyed. If you played the Zero Point Finale, you’ll recall how Jonesy went in like Rambo, fully equipped after multiple failed missions on the island–or “loops.” The back bling lets you peer into all his prior attempts we don’t see in the playable event, reminding us once again that sometimes Epic hides its best lore details in the game in rather inconspicuous ways.

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