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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the aim of India is to become a $5 trillion economy in the next five years and good governance can help us achieve that goal.
Addressing the Times Now Summit, PM Modi said the goal is not easy, but it is not impossible. “Growth of the country was stagnant for 70 years but good governance will help us to achieve our goal,” he said.
PM Modi said that India will now not waste time, but it will move forward at a faster speed and with confidence.
Saying that India can now take quick decisions, the PM said that a century of decisions has been taken by the government in the last eight months which is unprecedented.
“The youth of this country now has the confidence to become a job giver instead of being a job seeker,” he said at Times Now Summit.
Assuring the people that tax harassment is a thing of past, PM Modi said, “India is one of few countries where taxpayers charter will be implemented to define their rights. There is no charter even in rich nations. India is taking a responsible step to safeguard taxpayers rights.”
He further said, “Our aim is to transform India to a tax compliant society. The changes in the tax slabs are going to greatly benefit people. All governments hesitated to touch tax system; now we are making tax system citizen-centric.”
Listing out some of the decisions of the government in the last few months, the PM said a special fund has been created for the middle class, unauthorised colonies have been regularised in Delhi, a law has been brought against child abuse and chit funds, Article 370 has been abrogated, triple talaq banned, corporate tax reduced, post of CDS created, fighter planes are being delivered, trust on Ram Temple created and the citizenship law amended, etc.
“Amid these steps, it is also true that an emerging economy like India faces a lot of challenges. It is the first time that a government has focussed on economic growth in small cities and towns. It is the first time that any government has valued the dreams of small cities and towns,” the PM said at the Summit.
“Changes happening in the country have given confidence to the society. The poor is today confident about uplifting his standard of living,” the PM added.
The theme of the Summit is ‘India Action Plan 2020.’

03:29Vineet Jain welcomes PM Narendra Modi at the Times Now summit

Vineet Jain welcomes PM Narendra Modi at the Times Now summit

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