Google Assistant Enabled Smart Devices Have Got a Guest Mode That Will Not Save Queries

Google on Wednesday announced that it is bringing a new Guest Mode to Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and smart displays. The guest mode on Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays is different as it doesn’t save interactions to a user’s Google Account. When Guest Mode is activated on a Smart Display or a smart speaker, users will hear a special chime and also see a persistent guest icon on the screen (on Assistant-enabled smart displays). Users can also ask their Assistant if the guest mode is on on their smart device.

One activated, the Guest Mode on Google Assistant-enabled smart devices will stay on until users tell Google Assistant to turn it off, meaning the Guest Mode can be kept on indefinitely. “While in Guest Mode, you can enjoy popular features, like asking questions, controlling smart home devices, setting timers and playing music,” Google said in a blog post. “Your device won’t show personal results, like your calendar entries or contacts, until you turn the mode off,” the company said.

According to Google, the Guest Mode feature is a part of the company’s push for improved privacy. The new feature comes in handy when users have guests staying over and don’t want them to access previous searches. “We want to make sure it’s easy to control how Google Assistant works with your data as it is to play your favorite song,” Google further said.

Guest Mode is available on Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays only in English for now, and the company will roll out support for more languages and devices over the next few months. Those who own a Google smart speaker or smart display, can know more about the Guest Mode by saying “Hey Google, tell me about Guest Mode.”

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