Google Music is Shutting Down Soon: Here’s How to Transfer Your Library to YouTube Music

Google Music will finally see the end of its journey in a few months’ time and is all set to be replaced by YouTube Music. In fact, Google had earlier confirmed its plans to pull the plug off Google Music and replace it with the YouTube Music which has, of late, witnessed some new features like a migration tool, new explore tab, collaborative playlists, and more. The goal, as one can understand, is to convince users to migrate to YouTube music so that Google can shut down Play Music.

YouTube in its blog post recently said that the final stage of Google Play Music’s shutdown will happen rather quickly, starting with New Zealand and South Africa in September while the global shutdown will begin from October. This means, from October, no matter where you are, you won’t be able to use the Google Play Music app at all, let alone streaming music from it. However, to make the migration process to YouTube Music from Play Music smooth, Google will allow users until December to hold on to their uploads, playlists, and purchases. After December, according to YouTube, the service will be killed off once and for all.

Talking about the migration from Google Play Music to YouTube Music and how it works, users will be able to listen to their uploaded and purchased music from Google Play Music after the transfer and can add up to 100,000 personal tracks to their library in YouTube Music. Interestingly, this is an increase of more than 50,000 tracks compared to what was allowed in Google Play Music. Moreover, users won’t have to pay anything extra once they migrate to YouTube Music as the existing price is expected to remain the same, as per earlier reports. Additionally, users can avail the ad-supported version of YouTube Music for free or enjoy YouTube Music Premium, a paid membership that allows music lovers to have background listening, downloads, and an ad-free experience for Rs 99 a month.

Additionally, for those subscribed to Google Play Music unlimited services, they will be automatically granted the equivalent tier of YouTube Music Premium or Youtube Premium which will be based on the level of benefits with their current subscription but on the same price.

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