GTA 6 Vice City Rumours Get New Ammo, Courtesy This New Tip

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans have been waiting for the next chapter of the popular title for over seven years, but its developers, Rockstar Games, has not said a world over its development officially, yet. However, the GTA 6 continues to be a part of the rumour mill, and the latest tip has just added fuel to an old theory about the popular action-adventure title. As per its tracker GTA 6 News (via Inverse), a fan spotted an updated website ‘’ by Rockstar’s parent firm Take-Two Interactive that indicates that the new game might return to Vice City (due to the word cartel in it) – the fictional city based on Miami that was once considered the drug capital of the world due to cartel wars. Vice City was also the premises of the first GTA. It appears that the website was registered back in 2002 but received an update last week on Monday, April 12.

The return of GTA to Vice City has been a part of the rumour mill for years, and it was reported that the new project would be called Project Americas. However, all this could be a bit of a stretch as companies buy up domains all the time and sit on them for years – ensuring that fake or fan-sites do not pop up in future. Notably, the world ‘cartels’ even indicate towards other cities where the next game might be based on and not just Miami (or in this case, Vice City). It could also just be that Take-Two was doing a routine update of its domains and made a quick update to the page in the process.

As pointed out by Inverse, Nintendo fans discovered the domain ‘’ in February ahead of the next Super Smash Bros launch. The development sparked a seemingly ironclad theory that Waluigi would be the next character in the fighting game; however, that rumour did not end up having any truth to it.

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