Here’s how you can deal with stress or boredom during self-isolation period

Here's how you can deal with stress or boredom during self-isolation period

Here’s how you can deal with stress or boredom during self-isolation period

In this unprecedented time the world is facing challenges many of us would have never imaged we’d see in our lifetime. As we’re bombarded with news and information about the coronavirus situation around the globe it’s understandable that anxiety takes hold. Through it all, though, the best of human nature continues to emerge as we rise to the challenge of these strange times.Amid the coronavirus crisis, social distancing is mandatory. However, this doesn’t mean oesn’t have to mean social isolation or boredom.Here are some healthy, fun and responsible ways for those who are isolating to stay occupied during the public health crisis:

Communication  is key

Keep in touch with family members and friends via telephone, email or social media platforms. Keep your relationships alive by talking every day to friends, neighbors and relatives. Check in by phone with the elderly people in your life..Set a goal to call one or two people each day. Relationships are essential for our mental health. 

Good food and exercise

Make sure to eat good food and exercise daily. Whip up something new or make an old favorite. Involve the kids. Fill your home with fragrant scents from spices or baking bread..

Get organized

No more excuses: Sort through your junk drawer; organize your kitchen cabinets; alphabetize your spices; untangle and label that pile of electronic cords; clean the garage.

Learn a new skill

Calligraphy? Sketching? Knitting? Poetry? Origami? This is a great time to try your hand at something new. In addition to fun stuff, consider learning a new language or another skill you could use in your career. Online resources are almost endless whether through a virtual class, online forum, YouTube videos and more.

​Home school

Even parents who are still working from home can keep their children learning. You don’t have to be an expert or have state-of-the art supplies. Your best will be enough. Identify a space for your home classroom. You can also ask your child’s school to supply assignments or homework by post or email

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