How to stay fit during lockdown? Know with celebrity fitness trainer Sapna Vyas

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Celebrity fitness trainer Sapna Vyas has some simple exercises for you which you can do at home

To contain the spread of contagious coronavirus, a nation-wide 21-day lockdown was announced by PM Narendra Modi. As people are confined to their homes, they are anxious about their fitness. Especially those who were regularly hitting gyms and yoga classes are worried about their toned physique. Well, there’s no need to worry as you can be in shape even while being at home. In an exclusive interview with India TV, celebrity fitness trainer Sapna Vyas gave tips to stay fit during the lockdown.

Teaching some simple exercise moves, Sapna said one can easily stay fit even during the lockdown. One can use household items while exercising. Sapna taught some easy exercise that will help you to cut down those extra flab. Learn how to do ‘hook and knee drive’, ‘invisible ball slam’, ‘scott and raise’, ‘shoulder press drive’, ‘scott and punch’, ‘hip circle’ and other exercises with Sapna Vyas in this exclusive conversation:

You only need an hour to do all these exercises and voila!

She even gave fitness tips for senior citizens. Emphasising on eating healthy, Sapna said that food plays an important role in the overall fitness. Also, try to do household work while standing and don’t forget to do stretching at regular intervals, she added. 

Those looking for a shortcut to losing weight need to re-think. Sapna said earlier she weighed 80 kgs and it took a year to lose 30 kgs.

Check some of the workout videos of Sapna which she has shared on her social media

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