Indians willing to take salary cuts to `work from home` permanently: Survey

Mumbai: Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, at least 54 per cent working Indians said that they love working from home (WFH), of which 34 per cent are willing to take a 10 per cent salary cut to work from home indefinitely, a new report said on Thursday (December 3).

The survey conducted by The Mavericks India with 720 respondents from across the country, also revealed that 56 per cent Indians believe that their productivity levels have increased significantly since they began working from home due to the national lockdown in April 2020.

In fact, the cohort witnessing the most notable productivity increase appears to be the senior executives and CXOs, of which 31 per cent claimed a productivity increase of 25 per cent or higher since pre-Covid times. Moreover, 39 per cent of the CXO cohort would willingly take a 10 per cent salary cut to work from home permanently, as compared to 18 per cent junior executives.

The survey also revealed that the fear of the pandemic has subsided significantly since April with only 39 per cent of the respondents living in extreme paranoia in October as compared to 66 per cent in April. This decrease is more pronounced amongst the millennials, witnessing a fall of 33 per cent.

City-wise, the sharpest drop in concern was witnessed among Chennai with 74 per cent being extremely worried in April 2020 to only 28 per cent in October 2020. Surprisingly only Kolkata has shown an increase in fear or concern from 54 per cent in April to 62 per cent in October 2020, the report said.

The data also showed that 95 per cent of the respondents believe that the media has a significant impact on the democracy of the country. The survey found that 75 per cent of the respondents believe that the economy is going to take no less than a year to bounce back to normalcy.

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Source: zeenews