iPhone 11 Was the Highest Shipped Phone in 2020; Apple, Samsung Xiaomi Dominate Top 10 List

Apple iPhone 11 was the most shipped smartphone in 2020, according to a new report citing market research data. Smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi accounted for the top 10 shipped smartphones in 2020 with Apple taking five spots out of the top ten. Samsung, on the other hand, shipped the top-four shipped smartphones, while Xiaomi had just one handset in the top four most-shipped smartphones of 2020.

The new report comes from Omdia, first reported on by GizmoChina. According to the report, the iPhone 11 shipped 64.8 million units, keeping up the pace with its predecessor, the iPhone XR, which was the most-shipped smartphone in 2019 at 46.3 million units shipped. Further, the iPhone SE (2020) took the second spot in terms of the most-shipped device, shipping a total of 24.2 million units in 2020, followed by the iPhone 12, which took the third spot with a total of 23.3 million shipments in 2020. Fourth came Samsung’s Galaxy A51, which shipped 23.2 million units, followed by Galaxy A21s that shipped 19.4 million units, and the Samsung Galaxy A01 came sixth with a total of 16.9 million units shipped in 2020.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max was the seventh-highest shipped smartphone in 2020 with a total of 16.8 million units shipped in 2020, followed by Samsung Galaxy A11, which saw 15.3 million shipments in the previous year. The Redmi Note 9 Pro from Xiaomi was in the ninth place with 15 million shipments in 2020, and the iPhone 12 Mini came tenth, shipping a total of 14.8 million units in 2020. The iPhone 12 Mini surprisingly shipped more units than the iPhone 12 Pro, according to the Omdia report. This, even after several reports in the past have hinted at the poor sales of the iPhone 12 Mini.

The report from Omdia does not mention anything apart from the highest shipped smartphones in the previous year. Apple’s iPhone remains a top contender in terms of the people opting for it as their primary smartphone, continuing an ongoing trends since years.