‘Let the process work out, your vote will be counted’: Joe Biden on US Election 2020 results – Hindustan Times

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Friday (US time) asked citizens to exercise calm and restraint while votes are being counted across polling centres, as he addressed Americans waiting for the final results.

Biden also told his supporters that the outcome is clear on who is winning the race. He said, “We do not have a final declaration but the numbers tell us a clear and convincing story. We are going to win this race.”

He said that 24 hours ago Democrats were trailing in Pennsylvania and Georgia but currently the Democrats are leading in both the states.

“We are winning in Arizona, we are winning in Nevada – in fact our lead just doubled in Nevada. We have got over 74 million votes and the nation is behind us. Biden said, “I am proud of how well we have done across America. We have rebuilt the blue wall that crumbled in 2016. We will win Arizona after 24 years and Georgia after 28 years,” he further added.

Joe Biden, who was accompanied by Kamala Harris, the democratic vice presidential nominee, also appealed to US citizens to exercise restraint and calm as the votes were counted.

Several cities in the United States saw protests and rallies taken out by both sets of supporters. While Trump supporters – backed by the President’s claims of voter fraud – protested across ballot-counting centres against counting of votes, Biden’s supporters sensing they might be close to winning the race took to streets demanding that every vote be counted.

Source :Google News