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'Mirzapur' Controversy Now In Supreme Court Too: 10 Points

Amazon Prime’s ‘Mirzapur’ is in its second season.

New Delhi: After “Tandav”, another web series, “Mirzapur”, is in trouble with the law over its content. The Supreme Court has issued notice to the makers of “Mirzapur”, Amazon Prime and the centre on a petition that calls for a ban on the show, which it alleges “maligns the image of Uttar Pradesh”. The petition also suggests a government panel to screen shows or movies released on streaming platforms. A team of UP policemen has reached Mumbai to chase the case filed by a journalist in Mirzapur town in UP. “Mirzapur”, starring Pankaj Tripathi, is a thriller revolving around crime, mafia and dons in a UP town.

Here are 10 developments in this big story:

  1. Petitioner SK Kumar has complained to the Supreme Court that the town Mirzapur had been portrayed in a bad light in the web series and was shown as a den of terror and illegal activities.

  2. The web series has tarnished the historical and cultural image of the city which has a place in Hindu Mythology, says the petition, flagging “nudity and abusive language” in the show. “Every resident of Mirzapur is shown as a goon and adulterer,” said Mr Kumar.

  3. A First Information Report (FIR) was filed against “Mirzapur” on Sunday night by journalist and writer Arvind Chaturvedi; the eastern UP district is his hometown.

  4. Last morning, a police team from Mirzapur led by an inspector took a train to Mumbai to investigate the FIR, which alleges “deliberate and malicious intention of outraging religion feelings”.

  5. Mr Chaturvedi says in his complaint that the plot and dialogues of the web series hurt his religious sentiments and portrayed the district poorly.

  6. Another UP police team is already in Mumbai to pursue cases filed against the show “Tandav”, which is accused of “insulting Hindu Gods”.

  7. The makers of “Tandav”, a political thriller starring Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia, have been forced to drop some parts after a backlash over some scenes. The Uttar Pradesh government said the web series makers would have to pay for hurting religious sentiments.

  8. At least three cases have been filed against the makers and actors of “Tandav” for alleged inappropriate depiction of UP policemen, deities, and adverse portrayal of a character playing Prime Minister on the show.

  9. Yesterday, the Maharashtra government also said it would investigate the allegations.

  10. The “Tandav” cast and crew agreed to make the edits after putting out an unconditional apology.


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