Permitting Ayurveda doctors to conduct surgery a compromise with health: IMA – Times of India

Indian Medical Association ( IMA) observed a nationwide no-demonstration strike on Friday to oppose the central government’s move to allow Ayurveda doctors to perform surgery.
Demanding withdrawal of the notification allowing Ayurveda postgraduates to perform modern medicine surgery, the IMA called for the withdrawal of all non-essential non-COVID services between 6 am and 6 pm today.
Dr Rajan Sharma, national president of IMA, said that allowing Ayurveda postgraduates to perform surgery is a “blatant attempt” to “corrupt” the healthcare system of the country.
“It takes years and years to become a doctor. With mixopaths what are we heading for? It’s a failure when nations compromise with health,” said Dr Sharma.
He stated that the IMA is not against “any sort of pathy”, but the mixing up of disciplines.
“We are not against any sort of pathy be it Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy. We are proud of our national heritage and richness but let it coexist with modern medicine. All we demand is not to mix the disciplines. It will also mean the end of pure Ayurveda,” he added.
The IMA reiterated that it has taken 200 years of medical research to reach modern medical capabilities, where medicines are controlled and double controlled and are research-oriented.
Doctors across the country are observing the strike by wearing a black ribbon as a mark of protest while on duty.
The protesting doctors said that surgery is teamwork where preoperative assessment, intra-op, anaesthetist, post-operative care, and complications are vital aspects.
The IMA said the agitation is likely to intensify in the coming weeks if the government doesn’t take back the notification.

Source :Google News