Realme is Extending Your Phone’s Warranty to Ease The Stress During This COVID Lockdown

Smartphone maker Realme has announced that they are extending the warranty for all devices that would have seen their warranty finish during this Coronavirus lockdown period in India. The company confirms that all eligible devices will now have warranty till May 31 this year, and that includes all Realme phones and accessories which would have otherwise seen their warranties end between March 20 and April 30, 2020. This should put Realme customers at ease, knowing that the warranty of their phones and accessories will be accepted at Realme service centers, just in case they need it.

“Due to the ongoing situation prevailing in the country, realme India has taken a significant step to support all its customers during this tough period. We have decided to extend the warranty on devices till May 31, whose warranty was to expire between March 20 and April 30, 2020,” says Realme in an official statement. The company also says that the replaced period of devices has also been extended by 30 days. This is for those customers who have purchased or will purchase Realme devices between March 15 and April 30 this year. These announcements come at a time when India is under lockdown in an attempt to stall the spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19—pretty much everything except the very essential services are unavailable till April 14, as per the announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Realme also confirms that the CALLME customer care service continues to be available all 7 days of the week at the toll-free number.

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