Resident Evil Village Getting Multiple Demos, And It’s All Pretty Confusing

More chances to demo Resident Evil Village are on the way, and if you’re a PlayStation 4 or PS5 owner, you’re going to get access to them earlier than everyone else. Capcom will soon let you check out two new areas from Resident Evil Village, the titular Village section and the Castle section, across two separate 30-minute demos. Players on other platforms will eventually get access to those demos as well, but after a bit of a wait.

Capcom released a new trailer and outlined the demos during its 25th Anniversary Resident Evil Showcase presentation, which gave a bunch of new details about Resident Evil Village and other projects for the franchise. The two demos Capcom mentioned will be released during the three weeks leading up to Resident Evil Village’s launch on May 7, but they’ll be available during some very specific windows.

The PlayStation releases of the two demos are being called 8 Hours in the Village (get it, because it’s Resident Evil 8). On Saturday, April 17, PlayStation owners can access the Village demo. You have an eight-hour window to play 30 minutes of the Village section, and there are no restrictions on streaming. And then on April 24–one week later–PlayStation owners get another eight-hour window, this time to play the Castle demo, for another 30-minute look at the game. PlayStation owners can pre-load the demos now so they’ll be ready to go when the windows open.

Then, on May 1, both the Village and Castle areas become available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Stadia, and Steam in another, longer window. You will be able to play one hour in total for both the areas, splitting your time between them however you choose. The one-hour demo is available for 24 hours.

Yeah, it’s a bit confusing, and the times for each demo’s availability vary depending on your region. Here’s the complete list of when you can play the demos, depending on where you are and what platform you’re using:

Village Demo — PS4/PS5 Early Access (30 Minutes Total)

  • North America: 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT on April 17 to 1 AM PDT / 4 AM EDT on April 18
  • Europe: 1700 UTC / 1800 BTC / 1900 CEST on April 18 to 0100 UTC / 0200 BTC / 0300 CEST on April 19
  • Asia: 5 PM HKT on April 18 to 1 AM HKT on April 19

Castle Demo — PS4/PS5 Early Access (30 Minutes Total)

  • North America: 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT April 24 to 1 AM PDT / 4 AM EDT April 25
  • Europe: 1700 UTC / 1800 BTC / 1900 CEST on April 25 to 0100 UTC / 0200 BTC / 0300 CEST on April 26
  • Asia: 5 PM HKT on April 25 to 1 AM HKT on April 26

Village And Castle Demo — All Platforms (60 Minutes Total)

  • North America: 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT May 1 to 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT May 2
  • Europe: 0000 UTC / 0100 BST / 0200 CEST on May 2 to 0000 UTC / 0100 BST / 0200 CEST on May 3
  • Asia: 8 AM HKT on May 2 to 8 AM HKT on May 3

New Resident Evil Village Trailer

The Resident Evil Showcase also gave a bunch of other details about what we can expect from Resident Evil Village, including a new trailer. This new look at the game gives a greater sense of the actual Village and the other characters who live there. Some of them seem to be looking to fight against the seemingly supernatural villains of the game, like extremely tall vampire Lady Dimitrescu and her brother. It also gives a little more of the impression that Ethan might be drawing special attention from the vampire folks at the center of the game–and raises more cryptic questions about Chris Redfield.

Capcom also announced a new element for Resident Evil Village during the stream–the return of The Mercenaries, the franchise’s arcade shooter mode. It’ll be included with the Village when it launches on May 7.

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