Stay in house, don`t go to crowded places: Mumbai woman after recovering from coronavirus COVID-19

Mumbai: A 65-year-old woman who recently recovered from coronavirus COVID-19 infections assures that there is nothing to be afraid and urged people to avoid crowded places. 

While speaking exclusively to Zee News, Anjanabai Pawar who worked as a maid in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar said, “We don’t have to be afraid of coronavirus, I have recovered from the infection. All of you need to support the government, police and doctors,” she said adding, “Stay at home, do not go to crowded places.”

Recounting her stay at the hospital she said, “Doctors and people of the hospital were constantly encouraging me that I would be fine. My treatment in the hospital was given special attention, so I recovered.” Though she laments that she was not allowed to meet her family.

Pawar said that coronavirus can be cured if people showed courage just like she came out fighting the virus. “If you follow the rules of the government, the coronavirus will not come close,” she said.

Pawar was found to be coronavirus positive after the owners of the place she worked in returned from the US with the infection. Following which she was tested for the infection on March 17 and declared coronavirus positive the next day.

According to her family, her disease was discovered in the initial stage and so she did not suffer much. Pawar suffers from high blood pressure and after check up they found she has high sugar as well. 

A few days later her swab test was conducted, and the report came back as negative. On March 22, she was shifted to Bhabha Hospital in Mumbai where she was kept for two days.

Pawar returned home on March 24 and doctors advised her to undergo a 14-day quarantine and even her family has been advised to take precautions for the next two weeks.

In Maharashtra, the number of people infected with coronavirus has risen to 203. As many as 22 new cases were reported on Sunday which includes 10 from Mumbai, 5 from Pune.

Source: zeenews

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