Telangana judge opens court premises to feed migrants walking home amid coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown

Hyderabad: In a heart warming gesture, a judge at Sangareddy town of Telangana has opened court premises to feed those migrants who are walking their way towards their respective villages in and around Medak, Sangareddy and Zaheerabad districts of Telangana, due to the nation-wide lockdown. 

Many workers from organised and unorganised sectors belonging to surrounding districts of Hyderabad come to the city for employment. Though their villages are at a distance of an hour or two via a vehicle, many are forced to walk due to the non availability of government transport. Though they have been told to stay back, they feel they will be happy in their respective villages till the lockdown period continues.

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Since Saturday, Judge K Sai Rama Devi, Principal District Judge and Chairman and under the aegis of District Legal Services Authority opened the District Court in Sangareddy to feed lunch to all the poor and hungry migrant workers who were passing by the highway.

“I got to know the plight of people walking all the way from Hyderabad and surrounding places on their way to their homes to nearby villages. I was told a man fainted as he was walking all the way from Hyderabad along with his children. Immediately I decided to do something. I took permission from Telangana state legal services authority Executive Chairman Justice MS Ramachandra Rao to use court premises to provide free lunch for all these poor people,” says Judge K.Sai Rama Devi speaking exclusively to Zee Media.

On both the days, Saturday and Sunday the food was prepared by the Sangareddy Prison deparment. As the word spread around, lots of people came forward to contribute their bit towards meeting the expenses of the food being served. 

“I am humbled by the response I got. Justice Dr Shameem Akhtar of Telangana High Court has promised to take care of food expenses for three days while my husband and I will fund for the food from April 1 to 7. Even my sister who is a paediatrician in USA has promised me her contribution apart from my bother and my in-laws. Then Judicial Officers, my court staff contributions will ensure we can feed any needy till the lockdown period is over,” adds Judge K.Sai Rama Devi.

“In these unprecedented times everyone has to do their bit because we all are human beings first. The governments are doing their best but I feel we all should also contribute in whichever way we can to save humanity,” opines Judge K.Sai Rama Devi.

The Sangareddy district collector too has requested the local rice millers to provide rice on cost-to-cost basis while the local police is helping to provide transport the people to their destinations.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in India on Sunday reached  979 out of which 867 are active cases, 86 recovered, 25 deaths and 1 migrated patient, as per Ministry of Health.

Source: zeenews

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