The truth about intermittent fasting revealed

You know how your mother always used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? When you think about it, it actually makes quite a lot of sense. The word breakfast literally means “breaking the fast” in the morning as you have not eaten anything since the prior night.
When we get out of the house without having proper breakfast, you tend to become snappy as your body is running pretty low on energy. Hence, there is no denying that breakfast is indeed a very important meal of the day.
Skipping breakfast during intermittent fasting: Yay or Nay?

People following intermittent fasting delay their breakfast up till noon and sometimes even later than that. To follow intermittent fasting, one has to fast for 15-18 hours. For the remaining 8-6 hours, the person can eat anything he likes.

Times of India spoke to Nutritionist and Food Coach Anupama Menon and she said, “Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. I never missed my breakfast as a kid because it gave me energy for the day.”

She also said, “Intermittent fasting essentially means skipping your breakfast. While we cannot vouch for the fact that it is completely wrong, every person has to try what works for his/her body.”

The nutritionist also underlined the importance of looking after how you feel after following the intermittent fasting. If you have been on this fast for a week or more and you still feel tired, fatigued and your digestive goes haywire, you need to stop fasting for 16 hours and do 14 hours instead.

If you think even 14 hours is not suiting you, you need to bring it down to 12 hours.

What exactly are the fasting hours of the intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not just 16 hours fast. It can vary between 8 hours-18 hours, based on a person’s comfort.

Sustainability is super important for any diet. If you are getting into intermittent fasting or you have skipped breakfast, you need to understand how sustainable it would it be.

To reach your goal, you need to stay on a path for a long time or forever to maintain health benefits. So, decide wisely before you get into anything.

Why breakfast is important?

– Helps people think better

– Helps you stay more focused

In most cases, people are hungriest in the morning, but it differs from person to person.
A word of caution for women:

Anupama Menon also talked about how extreme intermittent fasting can affect the menstrual cycle negatively. She says, “Not a minute more than 14 hours of fasting is recommended for women, as it can delay periods and increase the risk for anxiety and depression.”

For men, she recommends that they can fast up to 16 hours.

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