These Fall Pet Blankets Are So Cozy You’ll Be Jealous Of Your Dog

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Perfect for allll the winter snuggles 🥰

cozy dog blanketscozy dog blankets

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The fall comes with all kinds of favorite things — like snuggling up with your pet under a warm, fuzzy blanket.

But did you know that they make cozy fall blankets just for your pets? Instead of getting your own favorite throw blanket covered in pet hair, you can buy your BFF a fall blanket of her very own!

And the best part is they look just like the ones made for humans — so you know they’ll blend in perfectly with the rest of your fall home decor. 

These are some of the warmest and snuggliest pet blankets out there— and are sure to keep your pet all cuddled up for hours. (Plus they’re all machine washable so you can keep them looking and smelling fresh!)

Ryerson Ultra Plush Luxury Shag Dog Blanket

plush shag rug for dogsplush shag rug for dogs

Might as well get a second for yourself because this ultra soft blanket is going to be a house favorite. Not to mention it’s reversible, so you’re really getting two blankets for the price of one. (Makes the splurge feel a little more bearable). 

Aurora Borealis Pet Blanket

Aurora Borealis Pet BlanketAurora Borealis Pet Blanket

This blanket is for those fall lovers who still want a little pop of color with your throws. These quintessential fall colors work perfectly to keep your pet warm and your house stylish.

Pendleton Shearling Throw Blanket

Pendleton Shearling Throw BlanketPendleton Shearling Throw Blanket

This luxurious (faux) shearling blanket isn’t just there to keep your pet warm or combat shedding — it’s also a cute accessory that’ll actually look amazing in your home.

Rugged Quilted Dog Blanket

Rugged Quilted Dog BlanketRugged Quilted Dog Blanket
L.L. Bean

Your pup will be toasty on those chilly fall nights with this quilted fleece blanket.

Bessie + Barnie Ultra Plush Faux Fur Blanket

Bessie + Barnie Ultra Plush Faux Fur BlanketBessie + Barnie Ultra Plush Faux Fur Blanket

Not only is this faux fur blanket snuggly and warm, it also comes in 10 different colors and 6 sizes so you can find the combo that’s as unique as your pet.

Natural Beauty and Aspen Snow Leopard Blanket

Natural Beauty and Aspen Snow Leopard BlanketNatural Beauty and Aspen Snow Leopard Blanket

This gorgeous blanket comes in several different sizes, so you can get one for yourself, the dog and your kids!

Sherpa Dog Blanket

Sherpa Dog BlanketSherpa Dog Blanket
L.L. Bean

Here’s a fall dog blanket made from sherpa fleece that’s sure to keep your pup — and yourself when you’re snuggled up with him — warm on chilly nights.

Velvet Blanky Pet Blanket

Velvet Blanky Pet BlanketVelvet Blanky Pet Blanket

This fleece blanket is reversible, super snuggly and looks like you grabbed it right off your own bed and gifted it to your pet. You actually probably could get one as a throw for your couch, TBH.

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanketfurrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket

The most affordable blanket on this list, it’ll protect your furniture from pet hair while keeping your bestie warm and cozy.

Waterproof Polyester Blanket

Waterproof Polyester BlanketWaterproof Polyester Blanket

This 100% waterproof soft sherpa blanket not only keeps your pet warm — and looking stylish, btw — but it’ll protect your furniture from urine, drool and any other spills that seem to follow pets.

Shag Pet Blanket

Shag Pet BlanketShag Pet Blanket

This shag pet blanket will surely be mistaken for the living room throw. It’s comfy, super soft and will keep your pet warm during all those morning, afternoon and evening naps.

PetAmi Sherpa Pet Blanket

PetAmi Sherpa Pet BlanketPetAmi Sherpa Pet Blanket

A reversible blanket that’ll keep your pet warm whether you’re using it on the couch, in the car or in your pet’s bed. Plus it comes in several different plaids.