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Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada will play a decisive role on who will be the 46th President of the United States. Electoral officers across several states are continuously tabulating votes in order to announce the outcome while facing opposition from Trump supporters in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

All eyes remain on Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada as a win in any of these three states for Joe Biden would bring him closer to winning the race to the White House.

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Several lawmakers have expressed fear over the safety and security of the poll officials as these battleground states have yet to declare the results. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs while speaking with CNN said that protesters were causing delay in the tabulation of votes. Hobbs said, “(Protesters) are causing delay and disruption and preventing those employees from doing their job.”

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Nevada’s Clark County registrar Joe Gloria who was heckled by a protester on Thursday during a press conference said, “I can tell you that my wife and my mother are very concerned for me.”

Here is a closer look at the states who could decide the winner of the US Presidential Election 2020:

• Arizona state officials say that there are close to 250,000 votes which are yet to be counted, according to a report by the Associated Press. The Associated Press and Fox News have predicted that Joe Biden will win the state. According to the New York Times, Biden is currently leading in Arizona by over 45,000 votes. All eyes are on Maricopa County which will release the next update on Friday evening (IST). A win in Arizona could secure the presidential victory for Joe Biden.

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• Georgia has seen a surge in mail-in ballots and according to the New York Times, Donald Trump is leading by 1,700 votes pitting him in a close race with Joe Biden. Georgia’s secretary of state office told the Associated Press that 18,936 absentee ballots across seven counties are yet to be counted. With a younger demographic and Atlanta becoming home to several younger electorates, Republican hold is loosening over the state. Georgia officials said that counting could go on until Friday evening if needed as ballots from US Army officials overseas need to be counted.

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•Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania has decreased by Friday evening, a state where he was leading by a huge margin in the initial rounds of counting. Biden is trailing by 22,000 votes in Pennsylvania with mail-in votes still being counted. Biden and the Democrats are trying to reclaim the three states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in a bid to rebuild the Blue Wall. Trump won all three states in 2016. Election officials have also said that there are 1,700 ballots which were found by them and they were being delivered for counting. Officials expect most of the ballots will be counted by Friday, according to the New York Times.

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• North Carolina could be among the last states to declare who has won the state’s electoral vote. North Carolina will consider receiving mail-in ballots till November 12 if they are postmarked on Tuesday according to the Associated Press. Though Trump appears likely to win the state, with 5% of votes still left uncounted there is a little chance for Biden to take the lead as more than 110,000 ballots and provisional mail-in ballots remain to be counted. The state will officially announce the results

• Biden is leading in Nevada, which has been a Democrat stronghold for the last decade, by only 11,000 votes which means with mail-in ballots coming in there are chances that Trump could take the lead as more than 190,000 ballots remain uncounted. Nevada, like North Carolina, will consider receiving mail-in ballots till November 12 if they are postmarked on Tuesday. Nevada’s Clark County has also been the Centre of widespread protests by Trump supporters who have alleged voter fraud in the state. The timing of final count remains uncertain as mail-in ballots pour in resulting in a delayed outcome.

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