Video: Do stretch mark creams really work?

Stretch marks appear as a result of stretching and contraction of skin. It can happen during pregnancy, due to change in weight and even powerlifting. It appears as parallel lines with different textures, depending on an individual’s skin. One of the biggest factors in treating stretch marks is the colour of it.
When stretch marks initially appear, they come as red and purple marks. They soon turn to white and silver colour. This colour difference can tell if the stretch marks are new or old. So, the big question here is how can one treat them? We got in touch with Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi, Skin & Wellness Expert, who busted a few myths on stretch marks creams and gave us a low-down on what treatments can work.

“When they are purple and red, that is the best stage to treat them. At this stage, you can get rid of the colour and even the texture. And, once it turns white, you can treat the at any time, the results will be similar, says Dr Kiran.

To know more about what she said, watch this video:

How to treat white and purple stretch marks


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