Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon And Armor Location Guide (September 6-10)

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We’re counting down the weekends until the launch of Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep expansion on October 1. If you’re still looking to fill out your collection of Exotic weapons and armor before you go chasing all-new Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying loot, weekend vendor Xur is back to answer your call. He offers just one Year Two Exotic this weekend, and it’s one that’s a little too late to enjoy fully–but hey, not every Xur weekend can be a winner.

Where Is Xur?

Xur landed in the EDZ this week, in the Winding Cove area. Transmat into the zone and then head north toward the cliff wall that borders it. Climb up to the crashed Fallen dropship to find Xur hanging out beside it, standing at the cliff overlooking the valley.

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What Is Xur Selling?

Xur’s stuff is pretty lackluster this weekend, unfortunately. The weapon he offers players comes just a little too late–it’s Lord of Wolves, an Exotic shotgun that was all the rage in the Crucible during the Season of Opulence but has since been nerfed to be less of a necessity. However, whereas there is no difference between each version of an individual Exotic weapon, armor is a different story. Because armor features randomized rolls, you might find that what Xur is selling offers better perks than the version you might already own. At the very least, these perks might better align with your playstyle. Or, if you don’t already own these pieces, it’s an easy opportunity to fill out your collection. Beyond the items, Xur also has the Five of Swords challenge card (to modify Nightfall difficulty) and an Invitation of the Nine (which provides you with some objectives and leads to a bit of new story content). And if you’re a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of Cross-Save, you can jump on PS4 and potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram.

Xur Item Lineup (September 6-10)

  • Lord of Wolves (Exotic Shotgun) — 29 Legendary Shards
  • Lion Rampant (Exotic Titan Leg Armor) — 23 Legendary Shards
  • Gemini Jester (Exotic Hunter Leg Armor) — 23 Legendary Shards
  • Sunbracers (Exotic Warlock Gauntlet) — 23 Legendary Shards

Lord of Wolves

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Xur’s only Year Two offering this week is the Lord of Wolves shotgun, which unfortunately met with a nerf not long ago after it spent a few weeks dominating in the Crucible. The gun’s still pretty handy, though: it fires a powerful Solar scatter-shot at close range, and you can hold down the reload button to switch to a burst-fire mode that slams multiple shots in a short amount of time. Lord of Wolves is kind of like a shotgun combined with a fusion rifle, and while its time as part of the Crucible meta is over, it’s still pretty fun.

Lion Rampant

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Titans who like jumping can grab the Lion Rampant leg armor. It provides you with additional maneuverability while you’re in the air, and increases the accuracy of firing from the hip while jumping using Lift.


  • Slot 1: Bomber; Dynamo; Oversized Weapon Dexterity
  • Slot 2: Pulse Rifle Scavenger; Scout Rifle Scavenger


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For Warlocks, Xur offers the Sunbracers gauntlets, which amp up your Solar grenades significantly. The gauntlets make your Solar grenades last longer, while giving you unlimited grenade energy when you make Solar melee kills. Sunbracers are great for following Shaxx’s instructions when he screams at you to throw more grenades in Crucible.


  • Slot 1: Scout Rifle Loader; Fastball; Momentum Transfer
  • Slot 2: Sniper Rifle Scavenger; Heavy Ammo Finder

Gemini Jester

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Finally, Xur brings Gemini Jester leg armor for Hunters. If you’re the kind of player who loves the Hunter dodge ability, these pants can be very useful, especially in the Crucible–they disorient enemies who are nearby when you dodge and temporarily disables their radar. Handy when you’re running around PvP with shotguns.


  • Slot 1: Outreach; Power Dexterity; Machine Gun Dexterity
  • Slot 2: Primary Ammo Finder; Special Ammo Finder
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