World Famous Lover Review: Not Worth the Valentine’s Day Release

For any writer, there are only 6-7 different types of stories that can be scribed. As limited the spectrum may seem, it’s the characters that are sketched, the relationships that are established and the metaphors that are used which make the story worthwhile. Thus goes the saying, never judge a book by its cover. That most definitely the was the reason why the 100 odd people walked in to watch the World Famous Lover, on a fresh morning of the World Lovers Day.

The World Famous lover, Gautham (also read as Arjun Reddy or Vijay Deverakonda) spares no time in making all of us realize how bad our risk was. He reeks of toxic masculinity and so do all the characters that are metaphorically related to him. In an introductory walkthrough a modern abusive parasitic relationship, you meet Gautham who lacks depth and has the strength of an eggshell and his lady love, Yamini who is exhausted and remains so throughout. As a couple they fail to generate any empathy for the struggle between them. The medium and the message of their story is fluctuating on a distorted moral compass. While you are told to live with the mistakes you make, you end up watching the lead character walk away with all abuse with no redemption.

The music does not offer any support to endure the saga. The other technical aspects of the movie are standard state of the art. Director Kranthi Madhav fails to consolidate his characters and their emotions, which glaringly exposes the pace of his storytelling style. Kranthi Madhav’s slow pace was both the strength and the weakness of his breezy debut “Malli Malli Idhi Raani Roju”.  He barely manages to leverage on the charm of Rashi Khanna reducing her to rag doll or the raw talent of Aishwarya Rajesh who like her character tries her best to prove her mettle. Catherine Tresa and Izabella Leita add to some candy floss.

What makes this an otherwise decent storyline difficult to bear is Arjun Reddy (read Vijay Deverkonda). This attempt leaves us with two deductions about his abilities. One, he is clearly a lazy and childish talent, who refuses to work on his diction and dialogue delivery skills. Two, He is too comfortable with the Arjun Reddy (read Gautham) character. This time he often breaks the fourth wall (talks to the audience) in a futile attempt to gain some direct sympathy. His pursuit to feel physical pain for the loss of his love ends up excruciating for the audience. A sincere advice to Vijay Deverakonda as an actor is grow up or get out. Watch the trailer of the movie and judge the World Famous Lover by its cover. It is as bad as it can get.

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