World Sparrow Day 2021: Shelter home for sparrows in Kanpur is protecting them & providing them food

World Sparrow Day
Image Source : FACEBOOK/ANI

World Sparrow Day 2021

Every year on March 20, World Sparrow Day is celebrated all over the globe with an aim to raise awareness and protect the bird. World Sparrow Day is an initiative started by the Nature Forever Society of India along with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France. Earlier, sparrows were easily spotted but now due to increasing noise pollution, the bird is on the verge of extinction. The Society was started by conservationist Mohammed Dilawar. Now, a shelter home for sparrows in Kanpur is protecting them from predator birds and providing them with food. 

According to ANI, the shelter home called, ‘Gauraiya Bachao Abhiyan’ was started in 2014. 

“New housing structures’ didn’t suit sparrows due to no suitable place to lay eggs. Through our campaign, we provide safe shelters & food to them. In 7 years, the population has increased by 70,000-80,000”, says Gaurav Bajpai, founder of the shelter home. 

World Sparrow Day 2021: Theme

The theme for this year’s ‘World Sparrow Day’ is ‘I Love Sparrows’ and is inspired with the hope that more people will celebrate the relationship between people and sparrows by making them remember the bond they share as people have lived in harmony with these little birds for 10,000 years. The main aim of this year’s theme is to highlight how citizens from different walks of life are making amazing differences and expressing their love for sparrows.

On March 20, 2010, the first World Sparrow Day was observed and since then, it is being celebrated every year around the world. It took several years for Mohammed Dilawar to raise awareness among the people regarding the importance of conservation of the house sparrow. For those unversed, Mohammed Dilawar was named by the Time as one of the “Heroes of the Environment” in 2008.

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