Xbox Series X Mock-Up Halo Infinite Design Is Good Enough To Be Real

Immediately after the Xbox Series X was announced, fans remarked that its refrigerator-like design makes it an excellent canvas for custom editions. Microsoft has yet to announce any special-edition Xbox Series X designs, but one fan has put together a very good-looking one for Halo Infinite. It’s sharp and rugged, yet it isn’t gaudy, and it looks good enough to be an official design if Microsoft launches a limited-edition console when the game releases.

Noted designer Xbox Pope created the lovely-looking mock-up that you can see below. It features the Halo franchise’s signature green color scheme and a distressed “117” in reference to Master Chief’s name. Xbox Pope also created a mock-up for an Xbox controller that matches up with the console design. Check it out below, but remember again that this is not an official design.

Given that Halo is one of Microsoft’s crown jewel franchises, and that Infinite is one of Microsoft’s marquee launch titles for Xbox Series X, it stands to reason that the company may actually create a special-edition console for the game. That’s just speculation for now, though.

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